7 Reasons Why Newsletter Marketing Works

Treasure Chest

Your list of contacts is worth its weight in gold. In fact, it is a treasure. People in your database are those who like you and trust you. When you provide quality content to them on a regular basis, you are continuing the conversation and deepening your relationship.

  1. Keep in touch. Remind people of your value. A monthly newsletter keeps your name top of mind. A brief bit of useful information is a great way to remind people you are a resource for them and promote loyalty.
  2. Not everybody in your audience wants to receive information in the same way. Match your message to each audience and media channel.
  3. Some portion of your audience has elected to be notified by email. If you are using an email service like Constant Contact, you can send out your newsletter, archive it to your website, and send out notices to your Facebook and twitter accounts too.
  4. Share. Grow beyond the people you know by delivering content people want and is easy to share.
  5. Consistency. Make a schedule and stick to it. You can share once a month or once a week. When you do this on schedule, people can find you with ease and they grow to expect your communication.
  6. 80/20 Rule. You have permission to communicate with your audience. 80-90% of what you share is information. 10-20% of your communication can include an offer exclusively for your readers. Let readers know about new products or services. Give them an advance notice of special events.
  7. You can measure action taken, click throughs, purchases made, sharing, responses to your message. As Buckminster Fuller said “What your can measure, you can manage.”

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