Benefits or Features

Judy BakerAs one of the members of a live workshop with Melissa Galt, I had many bursts of clarity.  I got a wake up call and I now know what I need to  do in my own business. I also saw ways in which I can help my clients take more effective actions. I’m committed to sharing some of my best and most valued “aha” moments with you.

Be Who You Are Right Now

This year I went through chemotherapy and as a result I didn’t have any hair for several months. I had been wearing hats and wigs to cover my head. I was so excited that my hair started coming back in that when I went to the workshop I decided to go with my very very very short new hair. As we were talking in the workshop when we got to social media I realized that not only did my profile picture not match up there but it didn’t match up on my business cards which also have my photo. So I bravely decided to update my profile picture with how I look right now.

The first place I posted my new picture was on Facebook. At last count, I have about 70 comments (all of them positive). It was my fear of how people would perceive me that kept me from updating my photo sooner. Getting the kind of positive feedback on my new hair has been a testimony to being authentic and recognizing how much support I have in my community.

It is important to update social media profiles on a regular basis. Women especially change their hairstyles and locks on a more frequent basis than most men. I want people to know the person that I am right now when they meet me in person which is really the goal of a lot of social media not just to work online but to take that online relationship off-line when it’s appropriate.

Delegate and Earn More Money

There were several factors that got me off track this year. Cancer, chemotherapy, surgery and I also moved at the just as I started  chemotherapy.

Some of my home and office are not completely set up and that is a major distraction for me. As I was talking with one of my clients, I recognize that I need to take my own medicine, I need an admin person to come in and help me do the stuff that I’m just not getting to. We made an agreement to create an action plan for hiring an administrative assistant. We both have similar styles and needs, and it is possible that one person would work for both of us. By creating a step-by-step plan, the process of finding the right person was transformed from overwhelming into manageable steps. Each step also had an assignment of who would be completing each task and a by when date. In this case, each of these small actions can be done in about 5 to 10 minutes. Before we created the action plan, we were living in the land of “Overwhelm.” When there is a lot to accomplish and many choices to make, if the project is not deconstructed into smaller pieces, what usually happens is procrastination or paralysis. Too many choices usually results in no action at all.

Features or Benefits

Features are nice, but clients buy results = benefits. I have already completed some revamping of my website since it very heavily populated with the features of working with me, not the results. Clients buy results. Look at your website to see if you two have been listed the features and not the benefits of working with you. Benefits are concrete and tangible. Results are measurable, objective, and observable. Make sure you are using language that speaks to your audience, answers their questions and moves them to take action.

Assess for Success

It’s always a good idea to take a look at your business practices, communication materials, and review the mission of your business. Are you doing what you are passionate about? Do your daily practices align with your passion and your mission? Take time to reflect on what is working in your business, what you what to do differently, and what you can delegate. The fourth quarter of the year is a perfect time to assess your business and get into alignment with your passion, preparing for the coming year. If you need help doing that in your business, I’d love to hear what you are facing and how we might approach your challenges, transforming them into opportunities and actionable steps.

About Judy Baker

Judy Baker helps authors sell more books. She trains speakers to cultivate clients and grow their profits. Ms. Baker is a branding expert who builds brands, creates compelling conversations and memorable visuals. She transforms your passion into profits, one-step-at-a-time.