Client Attraction

It’s a Brand New World

I am so excited to share 18 minutes of tips on how you can integrate your personal and professional passion into your signature brand. Watch this teaser and be sure to register to attend the 5-22-15 meeting of the Bay Area Consultants Network. Go to to register now.

Horses, Hats and Heroes

This is one of the pieces I designed to promote Horses, Hats and Heroes. I came up with the name for the event through these points of inspiration: the Kentucky Derby, the tradition of outrageous hats worn on Derby Day, and the recipients of the fundraiser, the heroes who have […]
Horses, Hats and Heroes Banner

Using Words to Engage Your Audience

Joan Stewart, aka, the Publicity Hound, was the speaker and workshop leader at the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association in April. She packed a lot of great, easy to use, and mostly free tips into her talk. One of the best tips was for a headline analyzer. I’ve been using […]
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Young mountain gorilla face(Gorilla gorilla berengel)

Act Like an Author

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Authors If you are looking for ways to leverage your book into new business for your consulting practice, I recommend implementing some or all of the tactics outlined below.  Al Lautenslager, co-author with Jay Conrad Levinson, of the best seller, Guerilla Marketing in 30 Days. He shared […]