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In a previous post, I talked about ways to build strong connections with customers through teaching. The inspiration for this conversation comes from the lessons learned from Adobe about how to engage and retain customers for life. I commented on their model of education, community, and fun, for building customer […]
Model of the 7 Learning Styles

colorful crayons

colorful crayons

Lessons from Adobe

I attended the Adobe CreateNow Tour in San Francisco. It was a big event, held at the Curran Theater, The room was packed, crackling with anticipation, excitement. There were creative people in the seats and on the stage.

Taking my time to travel to San Francisco was well worth it. I was rewarded by demonstrations of new features in the Adobe Creative Cloud apps. As a result of what I witnessed, I will save time and improve the way I work. These learning experiences add to my continued customer loyalty. Not only do they make really great software, roll out updates as they become available, they help me do my work with style and ease. Adobe’s commitment to continual improvement, education and community keep me on their team.

Adobe provides many ways to learn how to use the great tools may make:, online forums, live events, evangelists, books, podcasts, and user groups. They make it fun, exciting, and most importantly, they improve their tools in response to requests from users like myself. I participated in user experience testing for earlier versions of InDesign and some of my feedback influenced the release version of the software.

The presenters at the live event are people who use the software tools to provide quality solutions for their clients. They are evangelists who have real life experience. In my opinion, this is what makes them experts and trustworthy teachers.

Teaching Opportunities

Pay attention to the questions you hear from your customers. This is the best place to start in determining where you can provide education that will help your customers and build loyalty.

I’ll go into more details about how to share your knowledge in future posts.