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The Stages of Grief and My Computer

Don’t let this happen to you! I thought I had a fool-proof back up strategy for my computer. Turns out, I was a fool. Watch this short (2 minutes and 23 second) video Remember these three cardinal rules: Always have multiple backups of your important data Choose at least one […]

It’s a Brand New World

I am so excited to share 18 minutes of tips on how you can integrate your personal and professional passion into your signature brand. Watch this teaser and be sure to register to attend the 5-22-15 meeting of the Bay Area Consultants Network. Go to to register now.

Just do it now

I had several work projects on my plate. I was very excited about working on each of them, yet I found myself procrastinating. A siren song was serenading me.  It was coming from my closet, the kitchen, anywhere but my office. Suddenly, the thought of cleaning the house and a multitude of […]
Angry Broom

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Using Words to Engage Your Audience

Joan Stewart, aka, the Publicity Hound, was the speaker and workshop leader at the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association in April. She packed a lot of great, easy to use, and mostly free tips into her talk. One of the best tips was for a headline analyzer. I’ve been using […]


The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan

The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan: Online and Offline Promotion Strategies to Build Your Audience and Sell More Books Marketing a book ideally begins long before the book is published. Stephanie Chandler is a highly successful and articulate author and publisher. Her latest book is a must read for authors. Available […]