Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. In honor of my mother who gave me so much, I want to acknowledge the role of mothers everywhere.

Looking in the Mirror

I have three older sisters. Last year, my second oldest sister, Joanne, sent me a photograph of my mother. She made copies for my two sisters and me after she discovered this portrait taken when my mother was in high school. All of us were struck by how much I look like Mom in this photograph. And it wasn’t just family who thought it was me when they saw it.

I found a black and white portrait taken of me for comparison.

Ruth Brazen


Judy in Black and White


Looking at our photos, I’m reminded of the many ways in which I am like her and they ways in which she helped to shape who I am.

I was a curious child and a voracious reader. I always thought my love of reading came from my father, but, it turns out, my mother loved reading too, she was just too busy to enjoy books herself. But she made sure I had lots of books, educational toys and opportunities to explore and learn.

Mothers Are the Ultimate Gardeners

They help us grow: physically, emotionally, and intellectually. If you are lucky, your mother, like mine, encouraged your creativity.

Mothers Help Us Grow

Every day, mothers around the world put the needs of their children first. They do their best to keep us safe from harm, nurture us, and push us to excel. They take care of us when we are sick. Mothers are our save haven, our teachers, our cheerleaders and our storytellers. They help us learn right from wrong. They show us the way. They are our role models and guides.

Mothers patch us up when we scrap our knees or have a broken heart. They know when to give us support and an intuitive sense of when we are ready to fly solo.

Mothers have one of the most challenging, difficult jobs in the world. Thank you to my Mom and to all of the mothers out there who are sharing their wit, wisdom and resourcefulness with their children despite too little sleep, too little appreciation or time for themselves.

Happy Mother’s Day

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