Just Add Water

grass sprouting in a clay potMy friend, Michael North, suggested growing an indoor patch of lawn. The purpose is to enhance the positive flow of energy in my office.

I bought grass seed, a shallow clay pot and followed the instructions on the bag of grass seed. After a couple of weeks, during which I misted the soil several times a  day per the instructions, some of the seeds sprouted. I was disappointed that I didn’t have a full, lush lawn in a pot. Then, something unexpected happened. I forgot to mist as instructed. We have been experiencing unseasonably warm days interspersed with cooler autumn temperatures. I was worried that the grass that had sprouted would die off, so I soaked the soil. I did this for several days. This type of watering was the exact opposite of the instructions on the seed package.

To my surprise, there are many more seeds sprouting and it looks like this increase in water was just what they needed.

The Moral of the Story

If at first, when you follow the instructions and don’t get the results you are after, try something else. Change what you are doing and see if you get a different result. True in the garden, true in your business. Just like Edison and the invention of the light bulb, success doesn’t always happen on the first try. To succeed, you need to be tenacious and incrementally change the process until you get the results you want.

About Judy Baker

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