Lush Growth and Gratitude

lush lawn in a clay pot

I just gave my lawn a haircut. It has been vigorously sending up new growth now that I understand how to care for it. It is full and lush. I struggled for weeks to get it to grow and then, because I felt that I had neglected it, I gave it more water.

Then, a minor miracle happened. Since I started watering my lawn instead of misting it according to the instructions on the bag of seeds, I have been rewarded with this gorgeous green energy.

Making minor adjustments to the care and feeding of this lawn is a good example of what can happen when the right methods of nurturing are applied consistently. Take a cue from nature, if you don’t have enough business, maybe you aren’t giving your clients what they need to thrive, and like this lawn, with a few changes, you could be experiencing exponential growth.

grass sprouting in a clay pot

Take a look at what this lawn looked like when I was not giving it what it needed. Only the hardiest seeds sprouted. After adjusting what I was giving, I was rewarded with growth.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving

I am giving you love. I encourage you to pay it forward.

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