Marketing Attraction in Action

hydrangeaWhat attracts specific insects to some flowers and not to others? There are some species of moths and orchids that have co-evolved. They are highly specialized so that only that specific moth and orchid are a match when it comes to feeing the moth and the moth’s unique physical attributes that serve to pollenate the orchid. They have an intertwined symbiotic relationship. Each would perish without the other.

You see examples of this in business too. Without passionate customers, Apple would have long ago fallen to the wayside. Apple knows how to appeal to and serve fans like me with cool looking, fun to use, innovative and productivity enhancing products. Apple is a game changer. They specialize in introducing disruptive technology that once it appears, drives software development and consumer behavior. I didn’t think I “needed” an iPhone, until I tried one. The same was true with my iPad. Now, I can’t imagine living without out either one. Apple is the flower, I am one of their bees. I love their garden. It is a place I work and play with relish. I am a fan and share my enthusiastic love with all who will listen.

Develop your niche

  • Know the needs of your customers
  • Build trust
  • Ask how you can help them
  • Fill their needs as only you can
  • Ask for feedback
  • Listen
  • Reward loyalty
  • Share your expertise
  • Stay on target

Find and fill your niche. It will make you rich.

About Judy Baker

Judy Baker helps authors sell more books. She trains speakers to cultivate clients and grow their profits. Ms. Baker is a branding expert who builds brands, creates compelling conversations and memorable visuals. She transforms your passion into profits, one-step-at-a-time.