Plant Seeds to Grow Your Community on LinkedIn

30 minutesMy friend, Ted Prodromou, issued a challenge for the month of June. 30 minutes a day devoted to LinkedIn.

I accepted his challenge, since I am a LinkedIn fan. Ted came up with six simple things he is committed to doing each day in June. They are:

  1. Post at least two status updates with useful information that will help my network
  2. Like, Share or Comment on at least two status updates posted by my network
  3. Ask or answer at least two group questions
  4. Give at least two endorsements
  5. Give at least two recommendations
  6. Add at least two people to my network

Number 1 and 2can be accomplished with ease: comment on something you read, saw or heard that would be of interest to your audience, putting your own spin on it. Sharing information that is helpful, well, that could be a link to an app, or a process you have developed that makes it easier to do something.

If you are curious, ask questions to learn from others. As an expert in what you do, return the favor with an answer to the questions of others.

Did you know the easiest way to get a recommendation from someone is to give one?

LinkedIn shows people who have looked at your profile, and you can find out who is a 2nd or 3rd level connection and invite them to become a first level connection.

Plant your seeds on LinkedIn with 30 minutes a day for 30 days and you will see your community grow exponentially.

For more directly from Ted, go to:

Let me know what you discover from your 30 minutes a day investment.

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