Planting Seeds: Social Selling with LinkedIn

BookheadSometimes the best plan of action is to take a step back. Over the past month, I invested time in learning how to use software tools more effectively to leverage my time, my influence, and improve my confidence and expertise in ways that benefit my clients and ultimately, me too.

Becoming the student (a shift from my usual role of teacher and coach), I was able to absorb information and digest it so that I could assist my clients with the same challenges I had encountered. It also gave me an appreciation for their times of frustration when trying to implement new processes or technology into their businesses. Some things are easier said than done, especially when it comes to software.

I participated in a 30-day social selling boot camp. The main focus of the boot camp was learning the best practices for using LinkedIn for business. Each day, I received an email with a short lesson, or rather an activity I could take to improve my position within LinkedIn.

Each lesson involved doing something. I spent anywhere from five minutes to an hour, depending how it involved I got or where my actions directed me, investing in my presence on linked in. Some of the activities that I found most valuable included:

  1. Changing my headline to include keywords instead of a job title
  2. Joining up to 50 different groups, the majority of them groups that represent my ideal client, and some industry and professional development type of groups
  3. Beginning to scan the daily news feed and commenting on events or information in my area of expertise
  4. Updating my profile picture by removing the background
  5. Looking at the profiles of the people who had viewed my profile and connecting with those that made sense
  6. Adding skills to my profile
  7. Temporarily turning off my activity status while I was making so many changes and then turning it back on at the end of the month
  8. Learning how to evaluate a group before joining it
  9. And most important, breaking down the activities into small pieces. I recommend looking at any project and evaluating how you can chunk it into small pieces.

I am confident I will continue to use the tips I learned, as I am far more comfortable with what LinkedIn has to offer. In a few minutes each day, I will now be able to maintain and grow my connections and influence as an expert.

Thanks to Kurt Shaver, LinkedIn cheerleader and boot camp commander. You can learn more about Kurt at his website: or connect with him on LinkedIn.

About Judy Baker

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