Put it in Writing

Writing is a powerful way to connect, share and express ideas. As a business owner, writing is a way to be visible and accessible.

Your Web site

When assessing the marketing needs of my clients, I often begin by doing a Google search. This will tell me how easy or hard it is to find them.

Ways you can make it easy for people to find you

What does your web site say about you? Blogging platforms have given control of content back into the hands and minds of business owners. What does your site say? Is the information fresh, interesting, informative?

Write as if you are speaking to a 5-year old

That doesn’t mean you are speaking childishly, it means you are telling a story that is interesting, has visual elements, lets your audience picture themselves in the situation. You are being clear and direct. If your message can be understood by a 5-year old, it will be understandable to your customers.

The writing on your web pages represents you to your audience. Have people look at it who don’t know you well and see what they say. You may be surprised. If the good stuff is not easy to find, change how and where it is placed. Make your site work for you.

Other places to share your writing

Your web site is often the first stop for most people when they want to discover information about you and your business. Don’t stop there.

You can become known through conversations on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Participating in conversations online, you can ask or answer questions, comment on information and ideas, be visible and present in the events of the world as they happen. Good writing counts.

The Branches of Your Online Media Tree

You can expand your network by connecting through social sites like:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Meetups
  • Pandora
  • YouTube

Fill in Your Online Profile(s)

Each of the channels mentioned above represents valuable real estate. In today’s world, it is very likely that in addition to your dedicated web site, you have accounts on some or all of the social sites mentioned. Each site asks you to include information about yourself. A concise, keyword-rich profile can do wonders for your visibility. If you don’t include keywords in your profile, how will people find you when they search for someone with your skill set?

Be sure you complete your profile on each site. You don’t have to do it all at once and you can update and change the information as your status changes. This is searchable real estate. You may have noticed a new feature on LinkedIn, “Endorsements” which are based on the skills you include in your profile. Have you included the skills you want to be known for by your customers? The more complete your profile, the easier it is for you to be found.

FAQ are golden

In every business, there are frequently asked questions. Your customers hire you because you know something they don’t. Collecting the most often asked questions into a document and sharing that with your public is a quick way to demonstrate your expertise and build your reputation. You can create a short paper, ebook or slide show that gives the questions and your answers. This is also a time saver for you, since instead of repeating yourself countless times, you have a ready-made collection of wisdom in your tool kit.

What if you are more visual that verbal?

Participate on Pinterest, Slideshare,YouTube and Vimeo or picture sharing sites like Flickr, photobucket, shutterfly.Yet even these sites include places where writing can make a difference in your visibility. Use links, tags, key words and meaningful descriptions when labeling your images.


Take the time to write. If you are good at generating ideas, but not at expressing them well, hire a copywriter to help you. You can improve your writing with practice, attention and editing. Get your ideas out of your head first. Then move on to editing. If you edit as you write, you will get stuck or block your flow of ideas. You use different parts of your brain for story telling and editing. Don’t confuse the two.

Scrivener – a tool that will help you write

Scrivener Screen shot

I was introduced to Scrivener by my writing coach. It is a tool that helps me write: it makes it easy to gather information, organize it, edit it, and publish it in a variety of formats including epub.

This link will take you to a slide show overview of Scrivener. http://bit.ly/scrivjmb

Give Scrivener a try for free for 30 days. I think you will like using it. You can find it in the Apple App Store or at www.literatureandlatte.com

Put yourself into your writing.

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Judy Baker helps authors sell more books. She trains speakers to cultivate clients and grow their profits. Ms. Baker is a branding expert who builds brands, creates compelling conversations and memorable visuals. She transforms your passion into profits, one-step-at-a-time.