Spring Cleaning

Daffodils are a sure sign of springThe increased amount of sunshine as days grow longer after the dark times of winter turns on our primitive brains. These biological cues stimulate our desire to clean, organize and plant.

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers

I am in the middle of a move from a house I lived in for more than half of my life. Like the recent rains that encouraged blossoming trees, flowers and vines, this move is nourishing my business. As I transition into a smaller working space, I am forced to take a serious look at my needs and leverage my actions. I am paring down, pitching or selling those things that no longer serve me or fit in my environment.

I am amazed by how much stuff I have accumulated. Physical clutter is a symptom of mental clutter. Packing and unpacking has raised my consciousness about what I want in my life. This move is an opportunity to be selective about what I choose to keep. Files, books, and equipment all need to earn their keep, both figuratively and literally, to be part of my new environment.

I am a “book-aholic”

I confess.I share this addiction with other members of my immediate family. My love of books has endured from early childhood, through my days as a part-time librarian during my college years and continues to be a big part of my life. I am reluctant to shed books that I consider to be my friends. I am more than a consumer of books, I am also a book designer and author. My fascination with book design, publication and marketing have earned them a secure place in my heart and on my physical and digital bookshelves.

Who Do You Know and Who Knows You?

I have a large contact list, but, there are names or business I can’t say are an active part of my community. I am about to prune my list. I’ve decided that if I don’t recognize a contact or I have not engaged with them meaningfully in the past two years, these contacts are likely candidates for deletion. Pruning my list of out-of-date information and contacts is preparation for moving them into Constant Contact. I will be happy when this transition is complete. I’ll have a clean list that is healthy and manageable, with contacts that are easily cultivated in the future.

What Do I Want More Of?

Spring is a great time to assess what’s working for you, what you can shed, and if there are habits, people, physical objects, and ideas that you want to keep, discard, or nurture. Fill your jar with what you want more of and you won’t have to worry about muscling up to shed bad habits.

Its the Time of the Season for a Tune-up

Review and tune-up these key areas in preparation for growth:

  1. Your list of clients, vendors and contacts
    • Which ones are good referral partners, income generators, or mentors?
    • Which ones take up your time but don’t contribute to your bottom line or well-being?
  2. Files (physical and digital)
    • Which ones do you need, which can you archive and which ones can be pitched or purged?
    • Is information organized so you can put your hands on it you need when you need it?
  3. Your computer
    • Is your operating system current and running in top form?
    • Are your files in good order?
    • What is the state of your back-up plan and practices?
    • Is your software and hardware functioning properly?
    • Are peripherals working for you?
    • Do you need some training to work more effectively?
  4. Your physical environment
    • What is helping you get the results you want?
    • What is distracting you?
  5. Physical activities
    • Which ones are energizing,
    • Relaxing
    • Harmful

Keep What Works

Do more of what is working. Tune-up or repair what is worn out or out-of-date. Discard that which is not adding to your well-being.

Happy spring!

About Judy Baker

Judy Baker helps authors sell more books. She trains speakers to cultivate clients and grow their profits. Ms. Baker is a branding expert who builds brands, creates compelling conversations and memorable visuals. She transforms your passion into profits, one-step-at-a-time.