The 10 Minute Rule

10 minute timer
“Well begun is half done.”


 “The beginning is half the whole.”


or, as Stephen Covey stated:

“Begin with the end in mind.”

Intellectually I know any project can be accomplished in small bits. My emotional reality complains and says that the opposite is true.

What Would Be Possible If…

I was reminded that is important to be active when engaged in marketing. One of my friends, Ted Prodromou, related his experience with using LinkedIn. The start of the month of June, he declared he would spend 30 minutes every day on LinkedIn. Then life happened. Ted made time every day for the first two weeks of the month. He saw a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to his website, I believe he said it was about 400% increase and this activity was all about helping people. He had some downtime and statistics reflected his inactivity. When he got back into posting and commenting on LinkedIn, his statistics once again were on the rise. Learn more about how to use LinkedIn in Ultimate Guide to Linked In for Business (Ultimate Series)


Activity equals Visibility equals Sales

I had a conversation with author Mani Feniger, who noted that up until June, when she went on vacation, she was consistently selling 200 copies of her book for the Amazon Kindle each month, The Woman in the Photograph, The Search for My Mother’s Past.

Her success didn’t happen by accident. Even before she published, over the past year she was  busy posting online about the book, giving readings and connecting with potential buyers. The lesson she learned: Activity equals Visibility equals Sales. For people to buy your book, they  need to see you, hear you, or be referred to you. Mani knows that generating new sales will require a renewed commitment of time and attention. It also helps that her book is fascinating and well written, but she still has to get in front of the people who will buy her book, The Woman in the Photograph



 Boxes, boxes everywhere

I moved my house and office earlier in the year. I have not yet finished sorting, sifting, pitching and organizing 30 years worth of stuff yet. Some days I am willing to the ruthless. Other days, not so much. Every time I empty out a box and find a proper place for something I use, I feel victorious. I also admit that there are days when I feel sad. Shifting my perspective makes all the difference between action and inaction. When I view of the project as something bigger than I am, it is. When I see the project as manageable and possible, I take action.

What Thoughts Are Blocking You?

Have you ever failed to get started on a project because of any of these beliefs:

  • I don’t have all the information I need
  • I don’t  have enough time to get everything done
  • I don’t have the ability to do it perfectly
  • I don’t want to get started if I can’t do it all now
  • I don’t know where to begin
  • This will take too much time
  • It doesn’t make any difference, so why bother?

Even if you know (head) that these are just thoughts, they can still stop you as effectively as a 30 foot thick concrete wall.

10 Minutes to Change Your Mind and Change Your World

Try this to get past those incapacitating thoughts: Set a timer for 10 minutes and get started on whatever is looming out there and distracting you. When the timer sounds after 10 minutes, stop and get on with your life.

Today, when the reminder alert popped up on my computer today telling me it was time to post to my blog, I had a moment to decide what to do. Because of my conversation with Mani, I chose to write what you are reading. It would have been just as easy for me to hit the snooze button or close the alert altogether. Instead, I recommitted to my blog to book project.

Get out of your head and see what could you accomplish if you put in 10 minutes a day over a week, month or year.

You could change your world for the better.

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