The Stages of Grief and My Computer

Don’t let this happen to you!

I thought I had a fool-proof back up strategy for my computer. Turns out, I was a fool.

Watch this short (2 minutes and 23 second) video

Remember these three cardinal rules:

  1. Always have multiple backups of your important data
  2. Choose at least one cloud-based backup option, like Dropbox
  3. Always have at least one physical hard drive where you regularly backup your data

and a bonus tip: Review your backup strategy with a certified computer technician

I lost a lot of time and am continuing to restore my files to my computer.

My Silver Lining

  • I have a new respect for computer support people
  • I will always follow the rules stated above
  • I am more patient
  • I am cleaning up my computer files and directories
  • I am really grateful that I mostly use online apps (Quickbooks, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Docs)
  • I didn’t lose any files

The Downside of a Computer or Drive Meltdown

The same week as my computer apocalypse, my husband had one of his hard drives fail. It is costing him a whole lot to recover the files from that drive.He didn’t need the stress or the lost productivity. He now has a new backup plan in place.

What is even stranger, a client also had a drive fail while I have been restoring my computer files. She is in good shape, as she only had to buy a new hard drive and has already restored all her files from her cloud-based backup.

Hard Drives Fail When It is Least Convenient for You

Invest in multiple backups. An external hard drive is much cheaper than having to send it off to be recovered. There are several reputable and reliable cloud-based services to choose from like Carbonite and Crashplan. Most services have a trial offer so you can be sure you like the way they work before making a permanent commitment.

I was lucky. I am nearly back to operating at 100 percent. I have already restored my most critical files. I can take my time re-installing software and restoring my music library and the remaining documents.

I may have a few new worry lines which will fade away.

Stay safe and backup any data that you can’t afford to lose.

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