Using Words to Engage Your Audience

word pictureJoan Stewart, aka, the Publicity Hound, was the speaker and workshop leader at the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association in April. She packed a lot of great, easy to use, and mostly free tips into her talk. One of the best tips was for a headline analyzer. I’ve been using it and I love it. It works in your browser and all you have to do is:

How To Use The Analyzer

  1. Write your headline
  2. Go to this website for the Advanced Marketing Institute
  3. Enter your headline text
  4. Pick a category
  5. Submit for analysis

The analyzer will return a rating based on Intellectual, Empathetic and Spiritual values, collectively known as the AMI Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) system.

The scores are quite informative. The results will show which type of audience will resonate with your headline.

The higher the EMV score (1-100) the more likely it will connect with your audience.

I’ve learned a lot about my writing style using this analyzer. I tend to be more intellectual in my approach and I am working on involving my empathetic and spiritual side in my writing. That being said, my headlines usually rank in the 40-50 range without having to do much to them.

Where You Can Benefit and Improve Engagement

  • Blog Titles
  • Article Titles
  • Presentation Titles
  • Book Titles
  • Email Subject Lines

Here is an example of my results for a slightly different headline:

“Use Your Words and Connect with Your Community”

This one had a ranking of 37.50%. This is an excerpt from the Analyzer results:

This headline carries words that have a predominantly Spiritual appeal. Words that resonate with Spiritual impact are the smallest number of words in the language. AMI research has found that Spiritual impact words carry the strongest potential for influence and often appeal to people at a very deep emotional level.

If I was going after a market that is highly tuned to helping others, is altruistic, healers, healthy life-stylers, then my second headline would be a better choice than my more cerebral headline, “Make Every Word Count,” which returned an Intellectual based result of 50.00%.

I changed my headline to “Using Words to Engage Your Audience” which yielded a 66.67% ranking that is predominately Spiritual.

I think you will be surprised at what you will see when you use the Analyzer. It is helping me rethink my approach to creating powerful, appealing headlines.

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