Are you in focus? I just got off the phone with a gentleman I met about a year ago, Gregory Jones. Greg worked at an office that was closed when the company moved their operations out of the area. Instead of sitting at home and feeling powerless about the situation or waiting for someone else to take the lead, he made his own luck by forming a networking group to help with his career search. He joined forces with some of his displaced workmates to create The North Bay Networking Group, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary.

I bring this up because he chose to publicly proclaim his intentions of looking for new career opportunities, ways to help others doing the same, and in so doing, he made himself visible. As a result, he found new friends and business opportunities.

When I first read about Greg and his group, it brought to mind what I did in a similar situation. After being downsized, I got together with a group of friends in the same boat and we created the North Bay Career Resource Center. It helped us in our own job search and we offered support to others in career transition. We were highly visible. Being proactive is a great way to boost your spirits and go from being a victim to being a victor.

What impresses me most about Greg is his willingness to share himself and his resources. This is how I live my life and I recognize a kindred spirit. For example, he invited me to attend their next networking event as his guest. He also extended an invitation to help me in my business.

By attending this event I may discover ways in which I can support others as well as find the support I need. I appreciate his genuine concern for me and I will be looking for ways to help him. Through benefitting others, he is also benefitting himselfBeing visible is making a declaration of your intentions. Show up, interact with people and opportunities are attracted to you.

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