What Happened at the Apple Store

I had a very confusing and frustrating experience at the Apple Store. I am still puzzled about why this happened.

Here is the story:

Apple issued a notice that they were replacing hard drives in the model of iMac I have. I scheduled an appointment at the Santa Rosa Apple Store to replace the drive in my computer. I arrived at the Genius Bar at the appointed time only to be told that “we can test your computer but we don’t have the hardware in stock to replace your drive.” Not only that, I would have to come back at another time to get the drive replaced.

I was amazed!

  1. Apple alerted me of the problem with the hard drive
  2. Apple offered the appointment time
  3. I arrived with the expectation that my computer would be taken care of as promised
  4. I was told that they didn’t have the parts in stock to honor the program
  5. I would have to come back for a second time to get the work done
  6. They lost my power cord
  7. When I called about my power cord, they offered to mail one to me or hold it for me to pick up
  8. My iMac is my business computer
  9. My time is valuable
  10. I didn’t feel like I mattered

I have been a loyal Apple fan since 1987. That may change if my experience on July 6 is not an aberration.


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