What To Do When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

baseballI am not usually big on sports metaphors, but this one really fits. I am like a lot of baby boomers. I expect my body to function much as it did when I was in my 20s and 30s. Given the wear and tear I’ve put it through, there are times when I need to pay more attention and listen more closely to what my body is trying to tell me.  Sometimes, what I seems to be a simple ache or pain is really a cry for attention for an underlying matter. 

I work out regularly. I practice energy flows to stay in balance and have  energy balancing treatments with Deborah Myers of healthatyourfingertips.com. Sometimes I ignore the messages my body is trying to give to me until I am in crisis.

For the past several weeks, I have been in a lot of pain, and initially, I was in denial that anything serious was going on. Then, the pain became severe, I feel and look like I swallowed a watermelon, and there was no denying that something is amiss.

I’ve begun unraveling this mystery. So far, some of the usual suspects that could be causing these symptoms have been ruled out. I am still in distress, and need more tests to zero in on the culprit that has turned my life upside down. In the middle of all of this, I also got to experience firsthand poorly implemented California Care enrollment process. Fortunately, I have an extremely knowledgeable insurance broker, Dean Zellers, Zellers Insurance, who through his persistence, was able to create an account for me in about two and half hours. Once that was done, it only took me 3½ hours more to finish filling out the application. My great expenditure of time was due to the system continually pushing me out, programming errors, and unclear instructions. The time I spent actually entering data was equal to about 15 or 20 minutes, the rest of the time was spent logging in or out, or otherwise trying to get the information into the California Care System.

I have a new appreciation for all the software I use that actually works. Not sure where they found the bozos who programmed The California Care System, but they certainly weren’t top of their class.

Catch 22

I have referrals for more tests to be completed, and wanted to set up appointments so that once my coverage is active, I could resume solving this mystery. Catch 22. Until I have verification from the carrier I selected, I cannot make a payment for my insurance, I cannot set up tests, appointments or any other diagnostics or otherwise expedite finding out what is wrong.

For the time being, I can ingest small amounts, make that microscopic amounts, of food and liquid for fear of triggering another round of severe pain. Of course, I need to stay hydrated and nourished too. I seemed to be to tolerate a few ounces of Ensure and bites of rice without distress.

Because of the pain, I have small windows of time when I can think and work. I’m doing my best to get the critical jobs done. I start and finish a few actions at a time to keep all my projects moving forward.

All of this has made me realize how vulnerable I am. It’s also made me take a look at how it work, and I will be making sure that I have systems to help me do what I do with greater ease, and for the benefit of my clients.

I am grateful that I have understanding clients. I’m also grateful that I can do some work each day. I am utilizing traditional and nontraditional healthcare to help me resolve and understand the changes that are occurring in my body. As a sole practitioner, it is extremely important that I take care of my body, mind, and spirit in order to give back to my clients.

I appreciate all of you who have expressed your concern for my well-being. I hope to be better than new 2014.

In summary

My healthcare issues have made me more aware of my own vulnerabilities. It has helped me identify some of my blind spots. I have greater empathy for clients who also have tender, vulnerable areas in their lives and businesses. I am evaluating the ways in which I can strengthen my life and my business going forward. The last few days of the year are ideal for taking inventory and making plans for success in 2014.

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